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Whether you're a business or an individual looking to maximize your potential, SullivanSays can coach you through the process.


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Sullivan Says is an award-winning consultancy which offers global clients a broad range of marketing and public relations as well as business and personal coaching services. 


We specialize in travel marketing and pubic relations, drawing from extensive experience in all aspects of the industry, from destinations and resorts to restaurants, spas and attractions.  We get results because we're a trusted resource from major media outlets, from national morning shows and travel sites to lifestyle magazines. We also assist with digital communications and branding to elevate your profile, as well as corporate communications to boost morale and productivity. Although we specialize in travel, we also have experience with government and non-profit communications.

Group and Private Coaching

We also offer group and private coaching for those who wish to enhance their organizational reputation, employee relations, team functions or professional and personal growth. Business coaching includes anything from managing transitions to transforming toxic teams. Personal coaching ranges from changing finances and life transitions to relationships and weight loss.


We provide a wide range of photography services, from fine art and commercial photography, to real estate, events, headshots, portraits, weddings, travel and pets.